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Furniture Delivery

Call WeDo Movings For the Bay Area's Finest Furniture Delivery Service!

Ordering new furniture without the appropriate truck to transport it can become pretty expensive. For people who don't want to buy their own big box truck, hiring a furniture delivery service makes plenty of sense, particularly for individuals in and around the San Francisco Bay Area and Las Vegas Valley, NV.

The team at WeDo Movings specializes in providing on-demand furniture delivery services to those who need them. Let's explore this beneficial service through the eyes of a client at WeDo Movings.

Preparing For a Furniture Delivery Service With WeDo Movings

There is something uniquely frustrating about ordering new furniture and not getting to take it home until it is delivered. Fortunately, WeDo Movings makes this process easy by providing on-demand delivery through their website. Furniture delivery services revolve around a key yet simple process, which we will explore below.


  1. Schedule A WeDo Service — First and foremost, clients must schedule a furniture delivery service through their WeDo website. Orders can be made online, through the, or over the phone. Services can get scheduled up to 30 days in advance!

  2. Supply Furniture Receipt — When having furniture picked up and delivered to the home by WeDo, simply send the receipt to the WeDo furniture delivery team that has been hired. After that, sit back and relax while you wait for your furniture to arrive!

  3. Order Disposal Services — For older furniture and garbage that is to be removed, consider ordering a second WeDo service. Make any requests for recycling and disposal at earlier times in the day as these facilities tend to close early. WeDo does not combine orders, so each service will exist in its own space.

WeDo Movings endeavors to make life easy for everyone in need of professional moving services, furniture delivery or removal services. Call or contact the team today for an estimate on your next service!

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